We are excited to tell you that at our next Success Builders on
Sunday, March 1st, we have the honor and privilege of having Lee Domingue here with us.

Lee is the founder of Kingdom Builders US, serves as the Legacy Pastor at Church of the Highlands, is an entrepreneur, international speaker and author!

Lee Domingue is the founder of Kingdom Builders, an entrepreneur, international speaker, pastor and author of Pearls Of The King and KB GAMEPLAN.  His passion for the local church to be the hope of the world drives him to help thousands of pastors and marketplace leaders understand just how vital they are to each other. Only by effectively developing an intentional relationship will they reach the potential of their God-given destinies.

Through his ministry, Kingdom Builders U.S., and serving as Legacy Pastor at Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama, Lee brings inspiration and practical strategies for pastors and marketplace leaders to understand the significant eternal return on investment or what he calls “e-ROI” that their relationship creates to build the Kingdom of God.

Kingdom Builders believes the destinies of pastor's and business leaders are intertwined; one cannot fully achieve their God given potential without the other. God has given pastors the vision for his Church, but he has given business leaders the gifts and talents to fund the vision. Our mission is to train and equip pastors and business leaders on how to work together producing an e-ROI to see the mission of their local church fulfilled.

We are looking forward to this night! It starts at 5:30 pm but we suggest you be there early.

See you there!


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This is an annual Success Builders event where we gather to honor, support & pray for our Central Alberta Mayors and leaders in our communities to thank them for their leadership and service.

Success Builders invites you to join us for a great breakfast, a time of prayer and an opportunity to positively influence the communities of Central Alberta.


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